20 Things IS did for you in 2020

Over the last few weeks we have been sharing with you a selection of 20 things that IS have done for the staff and student community in 2020. We have of course done many, many more than 20 things, but we picked out a few to highlight them.

  1. Our Archives Team launched the Brig Digital Archive , made Thursday afternoons groovy with their #BrigInColour sessions and made it ALL ABOUT YOU with #StirDiary.
  2. During the first lockdown we had to think of ways that we could stay connected. We joined in with the Universities #BeConnected program and brought a few regular events (#Yarnfulness and #OneMorePage) and we were lucky enough to host a talk with Abir Mukherjee.
  3. We upgraded the timetable generator to include more information about your classes. The timetable grid displayed shows all the live (on-campus or online) teaching activities for the modules entered unless the ‘Only Lectures’ box is checked. Checking this box will display only the lectures for the modules selected.
  4. Information Services worked hard to provide a number of different laptop loan options to our students. We’ve introduced the 2 week and 3 month loan periods to try to address the specific needs of students during the lockdown.
  5. We added new content to the Tech@Stirling section within the Stirling Essentials module, bringing together all your digital needs from how to get connected, digital skills workshops, how to download our software and the University App, and guides to applications in O365 and Canvas to support your online studies.
  6. We added a new COVID-19 tile to UniDesk; this page pulled together all of the current information we had to help staff and students working and studying from home, including a list of FAQs that the IT Service Desk was being asked.
  7. For the start of the Autumn semester, we had to look at ways to support Wi-Fi help a little differently. We created a new step-by-step document to go in all the welcome packs, and we created videos for each operating system, we were still able to do in-person support, but with a booking system implemented and rigorous safety measures put in place to protect our staff and students.
  8. In 2020 IS launched LiveChat, where you can chat with us 1-2-1 via the portal (sorry students only).
  9. Access University software anywhere! We made >300 lab PCs available for remote connection and launched our software streaming service, AppsAnywhere to meet the needs of our students in lockdown. For more information see remote connection and AppsAnywhere.
  10. We launched an app, in record time, to provide you with easy access to the most popular services and resources in one place even when you are on the go, to help you make the most of your life and studies at the University of Stirling. Find out more…
  11. We provided 1-2-1 appointments with your subject specialists, meeting up via teams.
  12. As a number of students remained on campus over the vacation period, Information Services kept the library service open over the festive break.
  13. In 2020 we provided access to more ebooks, ejournals and access to other content. Find out more
  14. We created a virtual tour of the Library at Stirling so you could find out about the services and facilities on offer in your pyjamas! Watch the tour now
  15. As part of the #BeConnected programme, we have re-created our library wellbeing space online! Our new ‘virtual library wellbeing space‘, brings together the best of our physical library wellbeing space with much more advice and support. Visit now
  16. We had to adapt fast to ever-changing circumstances during the pandemic – this constantly changing webpage about library services is one of the ways that we communicate with our readers. We also used videos, our blog and social media.
  17. We added Ally to Canvas. Ally can help make your digital module content more accessible. Find out how…
  18. At the start of lockdown, there was a steep learning curve for everyone as teaching and learning shifted to online in a matter of days. Our staff created resources and ran sessions to help people with the change. Find out more
  19. We added the option to set personal pronouns in Canvas for all staff and students. Find out how…
  20. AND FINALLY, our BIGGEST response to lockdown has been the MASSIVE move from face-to-face teaching to online learning. We assisted our staff and students to make the best use of the online tools available. Find out how we are continuing to support online learning

This year has been busy and challenging for everyone, but I’m sure that you will agree that our staff have managed to do stellar work not just keeping our services running, but adapting to the frequent changes and challenges whilst still giving great service.