10 steps to Cyber success

Information Services have created a 10 step guide to be a cyber success. This is part of our bigger Stirling Cybersecurity


  1. Be aware it could happen to you. 
    You have info that scammers want, whether it’s your bank or University password 
  2. Set a strong password. 
    One that only you know and that you use only for your uni account.  the Uni will never ask for your password. EVER. 
  3. Don’t get caught by scams. 
    Learn how to identify a scam email, text, phone call. 
  4. Think before you click. 
    Fear, curiosity, urgency and greed are all known tactics to make you bite. 
  5. Be aware of your online presence. 
    What info are you sharing online that could help scammers con you? 
  6. Keep software up to date and use anti-virus. 
    Always update when prompted, new threats are released daily. 
  7. Protect your mobile devices. 
    Always set a pin or fingerprint/face security on your devices. 
  8. Protect your data. 
    Learn where to save/backup safely.  Use secure Wi-Fi and encrypt. 
  9. Lock before you walk. 
    Lock your PC and your data before you leave. 
  10. Keep up to date with new threats as they emerge. 
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