Cyber Hygiene checklist

There are some simple things you can do to up your cyber hygiene.

  • Password changes – The University has recently changed the complexity requirements for your University password. There is now a minimum requirement of 12 Characters. Each password will have to have at least one of the following:
    1. Upper case letter
    2. Lower case letter
    3. Number

    You should have one password that you use for your University account and not use this for any other account or site you access. You should also change passwords regularly for other sites that you access. Complex passwords changed regularly can prevent malicious activities and protect cybersecurity.
  • Software updates – Updating the software you use, or perhaps getting better versions should be part of your regular hygiene review.
  • Hardware updates – Older computers and smartphones may need to be updated to maintain performance and prevent issues.
  • Back up data – All data should be backed up to a secondary source – Anything that you save on OneDrive or University file store will be backed up and secure. If you are saving locally to your laptop or on a USB device you should think about backing up to OneDrive where you will be able to access online from wherever you are.

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