Overlapping cards with the word 'password' printed on them

Password security

Why are passwords important? Having a password is the most basic level of protection you can have for your online accounts, be it your personal social media accounts, your online bank, or the University Portal.  The problem is that everything is online now, and everything needs a password. So it may be tempting to make […]

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Cyber Scotland Week 2021

A week long series of events making Scotland cyber aware and resilient. The Scottish Government’s Cyber Scotland Week 2021 will take place from the 22nd to 28th of February.  It will consist of a range of events, workshops, and talks from stakeholders to raise awareness of being safe and secure online, showcasing the innovative work […]

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Scam emails: Are you there?

Over the last few months, we have seen a substantial rise in the volume of phishing emails being sent to university staff apparently from a colleague.  These emails are sent from a fake external email address e.g. colleagues.name@gmail.com or something similar.  Often the emails are made to look as if they’ve come from senior colleagues or colleagues […]

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