Common cyber hygiene problems

Today for European Cybersecurity month we are covering cyber hygiene.

Below are some common problems that you can avoid if you maintain good cyber hygiene.

  • Loss of data: hard drives and online cloud storage that isn’t backed up or maintained is vulnerable to hacking, corruption and other problems that could result in the loss of data. Please ensure that you are backing up your data. Did you know that with your Office 365 account you have access to 1TB of storage for your University data? You can access this from the portal.
  • Misplaced data: With so many different places to store data, you could misplace files. You need to think about where you store your data and have some sort of file structure in place to allow you to easily navigate to your data. 
  • Security breach: There are constant and immediate threats from hackers, phishing, malware, viruses and other threats.  Please always be aware of this when opening emails.
  • Out of date software: Out of date software can leave your devices more vulnerable to attacks and malware.  I know it’s a pain, but when your machine asks to update your software, take time to update. Losing a few minutes to update is far better than what could happen.
  • Older security software: You must update your antivirus and other security software continuously.  Out of date software can’t protect your devices against the latest threats. 

We will be covering these and more during the posts for European Cybersecurity month.

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