Turnitin – Similarity Checking Space

It is possible to view your Turnitin Similarity Report prior to submitting your assignment.

Almost every module in Canvas contains an assignment called Similarity Checking Space. Like all assignments, the Similarity Checking Space can be found in the Assignments section of your module. If you cannot see a Similarity Checking Space in your module please contact the Information Centre.

The Similarity Checking Space is a Turnitin space where you can submit your work for similarity checking. These submissions are not stored in the Turnitin repository so do not affect the similarity score of any official assignment submissions.

You can resubmit your assignment to the Similarity Checking Space up to 3 times in 24 hours. Thereafter, you can expect to receive a Similarity Report within 24 hours after each submission. Once you are happy with your Similarity Report you should submit your assignment to the correct Turnitin Assignment for that particular piece of work.

If you would like more information on interpreting a Turnitin Similarity Report please see the guide in your Canvas and Learning Technology module

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