Scam alert

We’ve been made aware of an ongoing scam affecting students across the UK. Callers are claiming to be from the university’s finance team and are telling the student they have been a victim of bank fraud. The scammers are hoping to gain access to personal information and money from the targeted students.

The University of Stirling will never contact you over the phone to ask you to move money from one bank account to another. If you receive a call like this, please don’t give out your personal information or make any payments.

If you are concerned about bank fraud, please contact your bank directly using a trusted number, such as the number on their website. They will be able to confirm whether there has been any suspicious activity on your account.

Complete your free Cyber Security Training

The most important defense against scams is awareness. Raise yours by taking part in the free training available to all University of Stirling students through the Metacompliance app, accessible directly here:

Or through Teams along the left-hand side navigation bar:

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