Scam alert

We’ve been made aware of an ongoing scam affecting students across the UK. Callers are claiming to be from the university’s finance team and are telling the student they have been a victim of bank fraud. The scammers are hoping to gain access to personal information and money from the targeted students. The University of […]

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keyboard with caution sign

External email tagging

Phishing is a top cyber security threat to the University of Stirling.  Personally-identifiable information – the primary target of phishing attempts – which falls into the wrong hands can cause much financial and reputational damage to the University and its employees.  Phishing attacks are often launched by including malicious attachments or links in email.  When […]

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Stay Cyber Safe While Working Remotely

Due to increasing concerns over the spread of COVID-19 globally and in the UK, the University has suspended face-to-face classes to protect the health and well-being of our students. Teaching is being delivered online and staff members are encouraged to speak to their line manager about working from home where practical. However, working from home […]

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