A new way of reporting phishing emails.

We are changing the way that you report phishing emails. You no longer need to forward them to the Information Centre, however you can still contact us for advice if you are not sure if an email is a phishing scam or not.

When you are in outlook open the suspicious email, but take care not to click on any links within the email.

Then in the message tool bar you will see the following option: REPORT MESSAGE > PHISHING (or JUNK if you think an email is SPAM and shouldn’t have got to your inbox).

If you click on Phishing or Junk this will send a report to Microsoft, but it will also alert our on campus Cyber Security team and give them access to the full content of the email – so you no longer need to forward us the email as an attachment.

If you don’t see the ‘Report Message’ option in your toolbar it may be that you need to expand the toolbar by clicking on on the little down arrow in the right-hand corner of the toolbar.

You can read more about Junk Email Reporting here.
If you have any questions please contact the Information Centre.