What your password says about you

Take the quiz and find out what your password says about you! Answer yes or no to the following:

  • 1 pt: Your password does not contain your name or the names of family, partners or pets.
  • 1 pt: You haven’t included information which may be on your social media, such as birthdates, anniversaries, where you live or the make of your car.
  • 1 pt: You use a unique password for your University account and try not to repeat passwords.
  • 1 pt: Your password is more than 12 characters long.
  • 1 pts: You use a password manager and never write your passwords down.
  • 2 pts: You’ve turned on multi-factor authentication wherever it is available.
  • 2 pts: You try to make your passwords memorable by including phrases that have meaning to you.
  • 2 pts: You routinely lock your phone and devices with a passcode or fingerprint.
  • 2 pts: You get creative with answers to security questions to make them harder to guess. For example, instead of naming the city where you grew up, you name your favourite city, so someone who simply reads your social media profile cannot guess the answer.
  • 2 pts: You use a physical security key for multi-factor authentication.

— / 15

0 – 4 points – The Hacker’s Helper

Uh oh! It looks like you are not taking password security seriously enough to ensure your accounts and data are safe. Take a look at our password policy to see the password requirements for all staff and students.

5 – 10 points – The Passable Passworder

You go through the basics, but when it comes to making your accounts as secure as they can be, you sometimes skip important steps. Try a password manager and make sure to enable multi-factor authentication everywhere.

11 – 15 points – The Password Pro

You take your account security very seriously! You know the importance of using unique and complex passwords for all your accounts, and have multi-factor authentication enabled everywhere (extra kudos if you use a physical security key!).

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