You said, we did – Where do I get help.

You Said

I don’t know where to get help

We Did

We love to help you! There are a number of places in the library that you can get help or ask us a question;

Library reception (the desk at the Library entrance)
Library reception staff can help you with accessing the library building, they can also help you to install the STOCARD app to allow you to go through the library gates without using your student card.

However, if you have lost your student card they can help you to take a picture of your library barcode on your phone which you can also use to get through the library gates.

They can also help with telling you what events are going on in the library building and can help with if you have lost something in the library.

Library Lending desk
At the library lending desk you can ask Library questions or get help. The Lending desk is not just about borrowing books! They can help with a whole host of questions.

  • They can help with issuing and returning books (or help you to use the self-issue machine)
  • They can also help you to renew items or place bookings or holds on items you want for a future date.
  • They can help you find materials and to search databases
  • You can get access to items that are not held in this library using Document Delivery Service and ArticleRequest
  • If you find a book on the catalogue but can’t find it in the Library building they will help you to look.
  • You can also add money to your print balance (in cash) at the lending desk.
  • You can request past copies of dissertations to review.
  • They can also put you in contact with your subject specialist Librarian.

Information Centre
The IT Helpdesk at the Information Centre can help with many topics.

  • eduroam (Wi-Fi) help on your own devices
  • Help with Canvas
  • Listen again
  • Help or installation instructions for the FREE software you can get from Information services (Find list of FREE software here)
  • Help with printing/copying and scanning
  • help with where to save your stuff (Uni Network, Box, Research drive – for researchers)
  • email
  • Network accounts- setting up a new account, help if you are no longer able to access your account.
  • We can help with IT security
  • We can show you how to make bookings for group study rooms
  • We are also able to signpost you to other University services you may need.
  • Dissertation support – Word processing your dissertation (we have created a template document, but can help if your formatting has gone a bit wrong 🙁 )

If you need to ask a question or need some help just ask any member of staff walking around the library building and we will do our best to help you or direct you to the best place to get help.