Google Scholar Button

I just came across the Google Scholar button by chance and it seems pretty handy (actually this is old news that I’m ashamed to say I’m just catching up with!).


The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari – it adds a little button to your browser toolbar.


Then you can select the text of any publication reference on a webpage.

Then press the Google Scholar button and it automatically runs a search for that reference in Google Scholar and returns the top results in a little popup window on the web page you are on.

You can open the full Google Scholar results in a new tab by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the popup (with the four outward pointing arrows).


The results include links to the full-text.  I have University of Stirling saved in my Google Scholar settings – which means the results also include links for Stirling’s journal subscriptions (see details below on how to set up “Univ of Stirling” links in Google Scholar).


Another couple of nice features of the button:

  • Click on the cite icon (looks like a quotation mark) at the top right of the popup window, you can then choose to export the reference to bibliographic management software such as Endnote and RefWorks
  • Run a search in Google, then click the Google Scholar button – and it runs the same search in Google Scholar and brings the results back


Download the Google Scholar button from:


Setting up University of Stirling links in Google Scholar results

To view Stirling’s links in Google Scholar results, use the Scholar Settings option to select Stirling.

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • choose the menu icon in the top left hand corner
  • select Settings
  • select Library Links
  • search for: Stirling
  • select the ‘Stirling University Library’ option
  • Click Save
  • Now you will see ‘Univ of Stirling’ links in your Scholar results




Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian