Mobile printing (students)

Mobile print is a quick way to send jobs to print from your laptop, Chromebook, tablet or mobile phone.  It is available to all staff and students with a valid University print account.  There are two options available: email print and the EveryonePrint app.

A4 size only
Email – only prints duplex (double-sided)
Email – only prints one copy at a time
No other finishing options (such as stapling) are available
The maximum file size is 32MB

Print from an email (these instructions are for students – staff click here)
Send an email with your photo or document attached to
Type “P:colour” in the subject field for colour output or leave subject field blank to print in grayscale.
*Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your print account.

If you print from your University email address, there is no set up required.  If you send from an external account, you will receive an automated email to your account asking you to register your email address.  This must be done on campus and within 10 minutes of receiving the email.

EveryonePrint app
Download EveryonePrint from the App store or Play store

Open the app then click the “settings” tab.  Enter
Click “Test connection”, then “Save”.
Click the “Account” tab.  Enter your University username and password then click “login”.  The app is now configured and can be closed.

Locate the documents or images on your device and choose “Open with EveryonePrint” or “Print with EveryonePrint”.  On some applications, you can select the EveryonePrint icon.
Choose your “Output options” on the next screen, then click “submit”.
Jobs you’ve sent to print will appear in the ‘My Jobs’ menu on the app.

Your print job can then be collected from any Ricoh printer on campus

Files sent to the printing queue will automatically be deleted after 72 hours.

Costs of mobile printing
A4 black – 5p single sided / 8p double sided (4p per side)
A4 Colour – 14p single sided / 24p double sided (12p per side)

Any questions please email