Altmetric new searches: subject area & author affiliation

Altmetric has recently added two new useful search options. (Altmetric is a tool that tracks online attention surrounding research papers).


You can now search across the entire Altmetric database by subject area (using the Fields of Research classification) and by author affiliations (using GRID – a GRID ID or, somewhat easier, the organisation name).


Altmetric have also introduced:

  • New Highlights tab visualisations: For any search query you can see the top 3 organisations that are receiving the most attention, and which top 3 subject areas have been most frequently discussed.
  • Richer context for reporting: Subjects and affiliations data can now be exported alongside other Altmetric data in the their CSV exports


Benefits of the changes

These changes allow you to use Altmetric in ways that were never possible before. For example, the subject area search will allow you to keep track of the latest interesting research for specific subject areas; both from Stirling and the wider research community.

The new affiliations data could help identify potential collaborators who are active in specific subject areas.

You can dig into the new subject and affiliation data in more detail in the CSV spreadsheet exports that are available to download from the Research Outputs and the Mentions tabs of the Altmetric Explorer.


For more details of the changes see the Altmetric blog at:


To access the Altmetric tool


For more on using Altmetric, see the Top 5 best things to do with Altmetric guide.



Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian


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