Library Pizza Party

As part of the ongoing programme of engagement with our community, we held a pizza party in the library – yes, free pizza!

OK, so the pizza may have been a sweetener (or should that be savoury-er?) to get some of you along to discuss some of the current plans for the library service and gather your ideas for future changes. And we also showed off our new CSE badge.

This particular party, appropriately enough, discussed food – and the outcome of the “graffiti wall” event before Christmas, and our proposed changes to the policy on food and drink in light of that work. There were excellent points made by those present and we will take this into account as we bring the changes forward. Watch this space.

Moving on, we also discussed what other changes we might see in the near future, and a wide range of topics was discussed – everything from space for students with children to whether we can reduce the space we currently devote to print collections, in favour of study and bespoke space for key user groups.

We also shared some fascinating (really, they were) statistics on the library service in the form of a quiz. Some of the guesses were impressively close to the mark.

Did you know …. the library has over 300,000 printed books, and over 1.1 million ebooks. We were visited over 300,000 times last year. Our print books were lent over 22,000 times and our ebooks accessed over 1.2 million times! You have been busy.

We look forward to hosting similar events over the coming months. Keep an eye on the socials for more information.