Wellbeing Week in the Library

Looking after our wellbeing is always important and Wellbeing Week is a chance for us to highlight some of the ways we can do this. Wellbeing Week will take place between the 13th – 17th of March. There is a lot happening both on campus and online; check out the website for all the details.

See below for some activities taking place in the Library.

Room to Recharge

We’ve created a dedicated space where you can take a break away from your work in order to recharge and refresh. The area is equipped for mindfulness, quietly relaxing, or browsing the many wellbeing resources available. Within the space, you’ll find comfy seating, cushions, blankets, and an assortment of materials designed to enhance your sense of wellbeing. You will also find the library’s collection of books on the topic of health and wellbeing. Most importantly, you can relax and enjoy the views of our beautiful campus. The Library Wellbeing Space is located on level 2 next to the Short Loan Collection.

Make a Wish

This year we are aiming to make 1000 origami Lotus flowers for wellbeing. After the event these will be displayed at Loch View Wellbeing Suite and the Library Wellbeing Space as a demonstration of our commitment to wellbeing.  

Come along to the Atrium for a workshop on how to make the lotus flower. 

Paper and instruction sheets will be available at the workshop and at Loch View and the Library Wellbeing Space throughout the week.  

I Believe in Book Fairies – Tuesday 14th March

Did you know that reading for just six minutes can help reduce your stress levels? The library book fairies will be out and about ‘hiding’ books around campus today. Will you be one of the lucky book finders? Keep an eye on @isstirling on Twitter and Instagram for clues. Let us know if you find a book!

Puzzle it Out

The library jigsaw is back! Take a break and help us complete our jigsaw. Immersing yourself in a jigsaw puzzle can serve as an exercise in mindfulness and help relieve stress. Jigsaw puzzles are a great meditation tool as they allow you to focus on just one thing. Quieting the constant demands for your attention by engaging in a single task can put your mind into a meditation-like state. The library jigsaw can be found on level two of the library near the main entrance.

Bring a Book. Take a Book.

Didn’t find a book left by a book fairy? Fear not, pop into the library to bring a book and take a book from our book swap bookcase. The book swap is also a great way to save money, recycle old books and read new ones. The book swap is located in the Library Wellbeing Space on level two next to the Short Loan Collection.

Virtual Library Wellbeing Space

Take a break to relax and refresh in our Virtual Library Wellbeing Space. Download one of our colouring sheets or complete one of our virtual jigsaws.

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