Online Cybersecurity training

Staff, did you know there is a course on WorkRite about Information Security? You can access this training by logging on to the portal and clicking on the “Access health and safety training (Workrite)” link. From your course dashboard, you will find a link to the Information Security course.

With the rise of cybercrime and universities being increasingly targeted during the pandemic, it is more important now than ever that we all work together to keep our own and University data safe.

The course is interactive with informative content (including videos and a ‘crack the password’ game!). The knowledge you gain is not only useful for work, but much of it can be used to keep yourself and your personal data safe.

To support the information security training course, we have also put together some reference material in Unidesk which contains links to our organisational policies and guidance. The supporting material can be found here or by visiting the Unidesk Self-Service Portal and clicking on IT > Cyber Security > Cyber Security Training.

Our Cyber Security Specialist, Vix, is also interested in getting feedback from staff that have completed the training course, and is collecting responses to a survey at the following link:

The survey takes 10-15 minutes to complete and responses are kept entirely anonymous.

If you have any questions about information security training, make sure to contact the Information Centre on

CyberScotland Week 2021 (22nd to 28th Feb)

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