Hoax email attack on University of Southampton

On the 19th of January, students of Southampton University were subjected to a hoax email. The email was spoofed to make it look like it came from the Vice Chancellor and announced exams were cancelled due to the University closing. The statements made in the email were completely false with the intention to cause disruption to the University.

A full copy of the hoax email is below:

Although emails of this type are becoming increasingly sophisticated, this email in particular shows many signs of being fake. The language used is uncharacteristically casual (get a massive sesh on!!) with poor spelling and grammatical errors.

At this time we would like to remind you to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for any suspicious emails.

If you receive any emails from an unexpected source or with dubious content, be mindful of the tactics that attackers can use and if in doubt, delete!

For more information on this story please visit:

You can browse examples of phishing emails and learn how to identify a scam email on the IS News Blog

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