Online, Blended and Distance Learning Course

Online, Blended and Distance Learning is a short, online, practical module – all about designing for online learning. Over six weeks, participants will learn different ways of presenting and organising their modules online, as well as how to engage with their diverse learners in this environment. Attendees will also learn practical skills around audio, video, blogging and online webinars. This is a short mini-project which offers the chance of certification from Academic Development for undertaking the course, and it can count towards Fellowship applications.

The module will take about two to three hours a week, although some of this can be orientated to work that you may already be undertaking and the timing is flexible. Blocking off some time in your calendar would be a good idea. The course will run from Monday 21 October to Friday 29 November (plus one month for the completion of a mini-project).

Please use the sign-up form to register. Places are limited. If you have any questions, please contact the course tutor, Ros Walker, ext. 6873.