We love you too ….

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time out to write us a letter for Valentine’s day. We were overwhelmed by the response. (We especially liked the person who left us the red rose – We are blushing)

On the whole, it seems that we must be doing something right as the majority of our letter were of the love variety and a few break-up letters.

We had many responses about our staff;

  • Love the friendly librarians and the IT helpers
  • Caring staff
  • Staff always helpful and cheery
  • Kind and patient staff
  • Staff being there during hard moments.

We also had a lot of positive comments about the library and it’s services. Here are just a few of them;

“I adore your well-being space, it’s one of my favourite places on campus.”
“The library feels like a second home, I feel at peace here.”
“I can’t stop coming here. I love walking around the place and I enjoy the view.”
“I am so grateful for the opening and closing times.”
“I adore the library and all the staff”
“The Library was a lifesaver when my laptop broke, and I could only do work there. Stay awesome!”
“Thank you for the free articles – So cool.”
“Thanks for the computers, I love the speed and functionality.”
“Thanks for the great services and the great books.”

We only had 3 break-up letters, so that’s good for our self-esteem 🙂

We were asked to provide more seats (and pillows), we are exploring the feasibility of increasing the number of study spaces in the library. If you are looking for pillows pop down to the Well-being area where you can sit and snuggle with a variety of pillows (and a giant bean bag).

We had someone complain about people eating their lunches in the library. You are allowed to eat in the library, but there are some rules.

  • No hot food
  • No smelly or noisy food. Noisy – this is subjective, but I sit next to a noisy apple cruncher so I understand 🙂
  • No drinks in uncovered cups.

If you are being bothered by something that someone is eating you can email information.centre@stir.ac.uk and we will try to help you.

We also had a letter complaining about the Library being too hot, this is subjective as everyone feels differently about the temperature. It is very difficult to get a building temperature that suits all. If you dress in layers you may be able to adjust your temperature better 🙂 and if you feel chilly we have cosy blankets you can borrow from Library reception.