Phishing emails

Receiving phishing emails is something that happens with a regular occurrence. We are always happy to help you identify these types of emails. Forward anything you are concerned about to

Recently a member of staff forwarded an email to us that was a very good example.

Look at the email below carefully, be suspicious about anything that may ask for your login details. The example below has quite a few indicators that it is dodgy 🙂

Fw: Passworld Expiration – Member of staff (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) (What is a “Passworld“?)

From: Member of staff from another institution <email deleted> (Would another academic from another institution really be advising you about your University of Stirling Mailbox?)
Sent: 11 February 2019 09:39
To: Named staff member
Subject: Passworld Expiration (What’s a “passworld”?)

Access to your Mailbox expire today. (Why capitalise Mailbox and why have “expire today” instead of “expires today”)

Please visit the maintenance portal below to Automatically switch to the new mail settings to avoid service interruption within 12 Hours. (Why capitalise “automatically”? There is also a social engineering tactic in this example – Your mailbox will expire today, and switch to the new mail settings to avoid service interruption within 12 hours.)

Link to a website (which we have removed from this post 🙂 )

Many Thanks,
Staff member from another institution.
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