New Stirling theses added to Research Repository in January #StirNewTheses

Congratulations to our Postgraduate Research students who submitted their theses to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during January.  Some of the theses are available for reading immediately:

Molecular regulators of smoltification and viral infection management tools for salmon aquaculture. By Michael McGowan

Education in Outdoor Settings: The Teacher’s Role in More-than-human Curriculum Making. By Jonathan Lynch

The other theses are embargoed for a period to allow the authors time to write up work for publication:

The Cultural Paradigms of British Imperialism in the Militarisation of Scotland and North America, c.1745-1775. By Nicola Martin

Key Perspectives on Opioid Substitution Treatment (OST) Programmes, Using Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Programmes in Indonesian Prisons as a Case Study. By Rita Komalasari

Theories of the Subject: British Cinema and 1968. By Martin Hall

Social Identity, Mental Toughness, and Behavioural Intentions as Antecedents of Overuse Injury Pain in Physical Activity Contexts. By Vista Beasley

Teachable moments: potential for behaviour change among people with Type 2 diabetes and their relatives. By Elena Dimova

The role of trophic interactions in shaping tropical tree communities. By Kirsten Hazelwood

Remedies for the Breach of a Commercial Contract for the Sale of Goods: A Comparative Analysis between the English Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Contract of Sale of Goods in Saudi Law. By Abdulwahab Alkhadhari

Well done to all!

Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian