You said, We did – Library building

YOU SAID – “Can we have more seats in the library for exam study”

WE DID – We want the library to be a welcoming and calm place to study. we understand that at certain times of the year the demands on the space in the library building are high. The library currently has 910 study spaces (including the Study Zone). For the exam period in autumn semester 2018 we were able to negotiate access to the Post Graduate Research Zone and we were able to relocate some furniture temporarily to Level 2 of the Library. We were able to increase the study space in the Library building by over 30 spots.

YOU SAID – “The library is too cold”

WE DID – We have differing opinions from our users on the temperature of the library, some people find it too hot and some people find it too cold. Sometimes when you are sitting still studying for a long time you can just get cold and being able to wrap yourself in a cosy blanket is just what you need. We bought a number of blankets that can be borrowed to use while you are in the library and returned when you are leaving the building.