#StirCyberSec 2018 Week 4 – Emerging Technologies and Privacy

It’s the final leg of #CyberSecMonth and #StirCyberSec, our online cyber-security campaign. This week we are looking at emerging technologies and privacy, in particular, what the heck is the Internet of Things (IoT)? and how to #GetIoTSmart.

What is the Internet of Things?

IoT refers to physical objects that connect to the Internet. Such as a fitness tracker, a thermostat, a lock or appliance – even a light bulb. Imagine shoes that track your heartbeat… and can flag potential health problems. You don’t have to imagine – these “smart” shoes already exist!


While all of your connected devices increase convenience, they also collect tons of personal data and could be a potential threat to your online security. Hackers could use them to gain backdoor access to your network, stealing valuable information such as your credit card numbers and bank accounts. Despite these risks, it is not stopping people from constantly plugging in. Protect your privacy – get IoT smart!

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