New Stirling theses added to Research Repository from June to August #StirNewTheses

Congratulations to our Postgraduate Research students who submitted their theses to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during June, July and August.  Some of the theses are available for reading immediately:



The role of parasites in the invasion ecology of Harmonia axyridis. By Katharine Berry


Bearing Witness to an Era: Contemporary Nigerian Fiction and the Return to the Recent Past. By Juliet Tenshak


Changes in the Skeletal Muscle Proteome in Response to Saturated and Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids. By Andrew Shaw


A Comparison of Behavioural Development of Elephant Calves in Captivity and in the Wild: Implications for Welfare. By Catherine Webber


Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management: Explicating the Multi-Level Nature of Dynamic Capabilities – Insights from the Information Technology Security Consulting Industry. By Tega Akpobi



The other theses are embargoed for a period to allow the authors time to write up work for publication:


Deleuze, Grodal, and the Metaphysics of Cognitive Film Theory. By Raghu Jayakumar


Discount Retail Internationalisation: Barriers to the Deployment of Glocalisation. By Hans Christiansen


Clinical Psychology: Development of Measures for Schema Therapy. By John Louis


Bloody Women: A critical-creative examination of how female protagonists have transformed contemporary Scottish and Nordic crime fiction. By Lorna Hill


Assessing EPA + DHA requirements of Sparus aurata AND Dicentrarchus labrax: Impact on growth, composition and lipid metabolism. By Sam Houston


Care of obese women during labour: The development of a midwifery intervention to promote normal birth. By Angela Kerrigan


A comparative analysis of the governance mechanisms in two Centres for Inclusive Living that enhance disabled peoples’ life choices. By Dianne Theakstone


Resistance to Change in Primary Care: An Exploration of the Role of Professional Identity. By


The Individual and Social Complexities of Metacognition in Education-Based Learning. By Danielle Kelly


Effect of Algal-Derived Compounds on Growth and Survival of The Fish Pathogen Francisella noatunensis subsp. Orientalis. By Winarti Djainal


An action research study to investigate the strategies that can be used by health care professionals, during video consultations with palliative care patients, to enhance the therapeutic alliance. By Noreen Reid



Well done to all!




Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian