New multi-functional devices

Recently there has been a review of all multi-functional devices (MFDs) located across the campus. The review has highlighted that some devices were being under-utilised and therefore, to reduce costs and to maximise the efficiency of each appliance, a number of changes will be introduced over the coming weeks. The biggest change is that, following a tender process, there will be a new supplier for all our MFDs. Details on who the supplier is will be communicated shortly. However, we can advise that a suite of new devices will soon be installed.

There will also be new student printers provided by the same supplier.  In addition to the current printers that we have for students, there will also be two printers located in the halls of residence, one in Beech Court and one in Andrew Stuart Hall.

Staff will be provided with various training in advance of any new printer being introduced to their area(s).

New students will be provided with Information when they attend the Information Services Essential Guide to Library and IT services; these sessions will be publicised nearer the time or you can find out times from the Atrium Information Desk during the welcome weekend.  Returning students will have the chance to visit a pop-up event in the atrium and we will have dedicated staff roaming the library to assist with printing.

Further information on the new printers, their locations across the campus, and training will be communicated soon:  via the Portal, the Information Services blog and our social media channels (twitter @isstirling, Facebook @stirlinglibrary).