New Stirling theses added to Research Repository in April #StirNewTheses

Congratulations to our Postgraduate Research students who submitted their theses to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during April.  Some of the theses are available for reading immediately:


Reflexivity and the process of maturation of students in a work-based learning programme. By Evgueni Chepelin


Investigating the divergent regulation of skeletal muscle metabolism by different acyl chain structures. By Stewart Jeromson


Investigating the pathways of pathogen defence senescence in Drosophila melanogaster. By Marco Kubiak


Examining Scottish nation-building as trajectory: the role of welfare and shared values in the national discourses of Labour and the Scottish National Party 1967-2014. By Paul Gillen


On the head: the true impact of routine head strikes in sport. By Thomas Di Virgilio




The other theses are embargoed for a period to allow the authors time to write up work for publication:


Explaining and Predicting Psychological Problems: The Joint Importance of Positive and Negative Constructs. By Andy Siddaway


The Effects of Spatio-Temporal Variation in Estuarine Contamination. By Christopher Sneddon


Cross-border tourism and the emerging nation: taxonomy of the ignored shopper. By Paranee Boonchai


Reconceptualising learning in student-led improvement science projects: an actor-network theory ethnography in medical education. By Bethan Mitchell


Claiming the Law: An Ethnography of Bolivian Women’s Access to Justice and Legal Consciousness. By Ashley Rogers


The Construction and (Re)Construction of Mentoring Relations, Conversations, Observations and Cameras. By Linda Craig


Genotypic diversity, reproductive strategies, and natural selection in non-native populations of Mimulus guttatus. By Pauline Pantoja




Well done to all!




Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian