Do you want to continue access to your UNIVERSITY EMAIL after graduation?

Important update –  it is not possible for the university to hold open a student’s email account for 90 days after graduation.  This is due to Microsoft licensing.  We are therefore having to change the email/Box opt-in/out period from 90 days after graduation to 30 days.

If you do nothing your email and Box account will be deleted 30 days after graduation.


Congratulations, you made it!  Whether you have completed your Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught or Postgraduate Research qualification, if you want to have continued access to your University email account you will need to give us your consent. This is due to the imminent GDPR legislation.

We offer all students 2 years access to your university email account after graduation.  To continue to access to your email you will need to opt-in.  There is a banner on the portal inviting you to click through to opt-in (or out) to email access.    If you do nothing, access to your account will be stopped on the day of graduation. You will have 90 days after your date of graduation to opt-in which you can do via the portal, or by contacting the Information Centre.  After this date, your email account will be deleted with no chance of recovery.  You can also choose to opt-out. If you choose this option,  your email account with be deleted from the date of graduation and will not be recoverable.

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