JISC Teaching Staff Digital Experience Tracker

The Information in this post is especially for teaching staff.

The University of Stirling has been selected to take part in the pilot JISC Teaching Staff Digital Experience Tracker 2018. You might be aware that the University has previously taken part in the JISC Student Digital Experience Tracker in 2016 and 2017.  The tracker project aims to establish how students and teaching staff feel about their respective uses of digital technologies in their learning, teaching, work and elsewhere.

What is the ‘Student digital experience’ exactly?

Research carried out by Jisc between 2013-16 found that digital issues are increasingly important in the overall student experience. For example:

  • Students’ first contact with their place of study is usually online, and many induction processes happen online pre-arrival.
  • Students’ sense of their place of study and their role in it is often mediated through digital systems – virtual learning environments, library systems, assessment systems, learner data systems, course information systems etc.
  • Students expect their learning providers to offer a range of digital services, from reliable Wi-Fi and printing to online course materials and learning support.

We see all these as aspects of the digital environment for learning. In addition:

  • Courses of study typically include digital practices of the relevant subject area, as an integral part of the learning.
  • Courses of study typically include elements of online, blended or ‘technology-enhanced’ learning as organisations adopt these approaches.
  • Digital capabilities are important aspects of employability, and often included in course outcomes and graduate attributes.

We see all these as aspects of the digital curriculum.

Our approach engages students in dialogue about both the digital environment for learning and the digital curriculum

What’s in the teaching staff survey and why should I take part?

By surveying our teaching staff we are hoping to compare the results with those from the Student Digital Tracker, and against data gathered by other institutions taking part.  By doing this we can ensure that feedback from our students and teaching staff is able to directly influence and shape the development of digital services at the University.

The teaching staff survey mirrors the student survey quite closely.   The questions in the survey cover four main areas as shown below:

Some of these are closed questions which can be compared and benchmarked with other organisations.  Some are open questions, allowing you to report on your experience in your own words. It allows you to have your say, and play your part in highlighting issues that need attention.

Your responses are held securely and anonymously. The University can only see summative data and can’t trace individuals or small groups of staff. The survey system, Online Survey’s has been developed specifically for use in education and has the highest standards of data security and protection.

You will receive an email with your own personalised link to the survey.  We would appreciate it very much if you could take the time to fill in the survey.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  Please get in touch if you did not receive this email and we can send you a link.

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