Succeed/Turnitin display issue on Lab/Library PCs


Following a suspected Windows update to lab PCs overnight,  it is proving difficult to load the Succeed home page and access Turnitin.

The quickest fix for this (until we can determine a permanent fix for Internet Explorer) is to use Chrome.

If Chrome is not findable on a lab PC, follow these instructions to install it:

  • on the PC desktop, double click on ‘Software centre’
  • find the entry for Chrome on the ‘available software’ tab
  • click Install
  • the software should install and be available to use immediately.

This should only take a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, if you really love Internet Explorer (:-)), you can follow these instructions to get the Succeed homepage loading correctly:

  • go to Tools in IE (cog in top right)
  • go to Compatibility View Settings
  • Untick the box ‘use MS compatability lists’

Succeed should then display correctly.  Turnitin however will not work – please use Chrome

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