The X files are coming!

In order to support the University’s ambitious research strategy, Information Services want to ensure that every researcher has a place to store their active/current research data safely and securely.  

IS are aware that researchers hold their data on many different devices:  laptops, a vast array of portable hard drives, USBs; and Dropbox.  These devices are not safe, or secure and could be non-compliant with funders’ policy.

Research Drive 

We have created the X files so that researchers will be able to store their current research data in their own personal research drive, which will be stored on the network.  The research drive consists of physical data storage, which will be automatically mapped on University owned (domain) Windows desktop PCs and laptops to the X: drive from 14 April 2017 onwards.     


Users of Apple Macs or other non-domain machines will need to map to the X: drive manually see and select the tab entitled “Access to Research Drive from off-campus” for instructions on how to do this.


This means that your current research data will be safe, secure and backed up.


See  for further information