Do you love us? or maybe you want to break up?

This semester we have been looking at additional ways to engage with our users in order to gain insight and feedback about what you think.

We invited you to write a love/breakup letter to the Library.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

The Love Letters

We got lots of lovely comments about our staff, the library environment and the range of resources:

“Library is lovely, the staff are always helpful and it is a great study space”

“Nice quite environment. Helpful people.  Thank you for all the effort and service you provide to us. You are part of our success”

“You have great movies! I love you!”

“I like the library it is nice”

“Thank you for all the amazing time we spent together Y I wish you prosperity, growth and much more love which you deserve ? You have the best staff and the best resources”

“Like the library, it’s doing a good job of being bookkeepers, keep up the good work”

“I love the library.  I spend my time here more than at home.  It’s actually home.  I really love it.  I can’t live without this convenient place.  It’s just one place where I can express myself.  I don’t like parties, but here I can sit in silence and enjoy myself.  I love the views of the windows … I love the computers on the zero level.  Such a lovely place.  I enjoy it”

“Got to give you some love this valentine season.  Totally appreciate your flexibility: options in seating arrangement, varying noise levels, group study rooms and my favourite: window seats (where I get a view of the beautiful environs).  Thanks for being a comfortable space to travel out my postgraduate study journey.  PS You might want to carry out more enlightenment fairs to have students aware of all the love you have to share: online journals, borrowing…”


…and even a proposal of marriage


The Breakup Letter

We also got a few not so great responses, thankfully none that relate to our dedicated staff, and some suggestions for improvement:

“There needs to be more space in the library.  It is congested during the day”

“Be 24 hours. More electronic books. Wider range of books. Alerts for when books are due via ‘phone. Stop the pricey fines! We are students not millions! More computers and less dirty toilets”

“Text alerts via ‘phone for overdue books!”

“More chairs please”

“I can never find the books I so desperately need”

“Well, where to begin? No, seriously, all you need to do is crack down on noisy people and messy food leavers.  Both demographics clearly have a profound ignorance of the law here.  It’s not even funny.  So, perhaps remove these people or fine them.  Either way the library will exist more harmoniously as a result of these changes”


…and a request for a divorce


In response to your requests we want to tell you that:

We are working to provide more study space.

Overall the demand is low for opening the main Library after 2am.  However the social study zone is open 24 hours and all of our electronic materials are accessible 24 hours.  We will continue to open  24 hours during the exam periods.  This semester the dates will be Monday 10 April – Thursday 17 May.

We plan on patrolling the library on a more frequent basis to enable a more conducive environment for study.

We continue to collaborate with the Facilities Teams who facilitate the cleaning, heating etc. of the University buildings.

We are investigating the possibility of text alerts for when library materials are due back.

We are continuing to fund replacement computers and endeavour to keep the IT equipment up to date.

The data from our Graffiti Wall on the questions of fines is being analysed – feedback will follow.


All in all the good outweighed the bad, but that does not mean we can rest on our laurels.  There is always more work to be done.  Hopefully you will continue to let us know your thoughts us and we will continue to feedback and respond to any requests where possible.


Please remember – the IS staff are there to support you – ask for help when you are having difficulties.


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