New Stirling theses added to Research Repository in October #StirNewTheses

Congratulations to our Research Postgraduates who submitted their theses to the University’s research repository, STORRE, during October. Some of the theses are available for reading immediately:


Strong is the New Slim: A Study of the Body and Gender Amongst Female Free Weights Users. By Robyn Spice


What is, and what might be, learned from images shared during Twitter conversations among professionals? By Anna Wilson


Household financial decision making. By Philip Newall


Professions of Faith: Stained Glass Making and the Visual Culture of Theology. By Paige Medlock


Measuring Sustainability – UK wealth accounts for 25 years. By Jawed Khan


Remote sensing and bio-geo-optical properties of turbid, productive inland waters: a case study of Lake Balaton. By Caitlin Riddick


Conceptions of teaching and learning held by teachers of Mandarin and Cantonese in Chinese complementary schools in Scotland. By Vivian Cheung


Neuromuscular Markers of High Performance Sport Preparation: Muscle Contractile Mechanics. By Lewis Macgregor



The other theses are embargoed for a period to allow the authors time to write up work for publication:


Psychosocial Support Within the Everyday Work of Hospice Ward Nurses: An Observational Study. By Hazel Hill


Experiences of Early and Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Perceptions of Stigma and Future Outlook. By Rosalie Ashworth


Assessing insect-based products as feed ingredients for aquaculture. By Emilie Devic


The small rural school and community relations in Scotland, 1872-2000: an interdisciplinary history. By Helen Young


Challenges to Media Organisations due to Anti-terrorism Laws. By Yousef Alkhattawi


Development of broodstock management and husbandry tools for improved hatchery performance of ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta). By Bridie Grant


“I try to forget about the dementia”: Realising the resilience of the person ageing with dementia in social work practice. By Julie Christie


The intestinal microbiome of farmed rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum). By Philip Lyons


Disclosure Quality, Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Firm Value. By Radwa Anis


The Relationship of Lean Body Mass and Protein Feeding: The Science Behind the Practice. By Lindsay Macnaughton



Well done to all!




Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian

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