Altmetric – Stirling latest data refresh complete

Altmetric for Institutions at Stirling is a service that monitors and reports on the attention research papers are receiving on the web.


Four times a year Stirling sends publication details from our Research Management System (RMS), STORRE and DataSTORRE to Altmetric so they can refresh the data they hold about us. Altmetric then track any publications that have a DOI or STORRE handle URL or PubMed ID.


We sent our latest data to Altmetric during October and today the refreshed data went live in Altmetric. So now is a good time to check out whether your work is being tweeted, blogged, reported on, etc.


Altmetric was upgraded to version 2 in October, so the interface may have changed a bit since you last took a look. There is a new ‘Top 5 best with Altmetric for researchers’ guide available at:



What a difference a year makes


We first uploaded data to Altmetric in October 2015 and Mike White, our Senior Developer who works on the uploads, has noticed some nice growth patterns.


Number of Authors in Uploaded Data


Only staff who have at least one publication in RMS (that has a DOI, STORRE Handle or PubMed ID) appear in the data upload – in our first upload in Oct 2015, we had 625 staff included in the upload, whereas this October it is 693:




Number of Publications in Uploaded Data


Last year there were 10,111 publications appearing in the data upload, whereas this year there are 11,709:




It’s lovely to see the evidence all our researchers’ hard work!


Clare Allan

Senior Research Librarian



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