Malicious telephone calls

Please be advised that a number of staff have reported receiving telephone calls from unknown or other external numbers on their University extensions, which appear to be malicious cold-callers.  Typically, the phone calls have been either accident-claim companies, or individuals claiming to be from the University IT department and/or ‘Windows Technical Support’,  requesting access to your computer.  Please be aware of these malicious calls – do not give out any information over the telephone (e.g. computer log-in information, banking information, etc.) and do not allow unknown callers to connect to your PC or other devices.

From time to time Information Services staff may call you to connect to your PC when you have reported a fault.  Their identity should be displayed on your telephone LCD screen; however if you are unsure if the caller is genuine, hang up the call and telephone the Information Centre on x7250.

If you believe you may have inadvertently allowed non-IS staff access to your computer, please report this to the Information Centre straight away.

Please be reminded that all staff can now access a new online security course to help keep you safer online, avoiding phishing scams and other risks, both at work and at home.  See the latest issue of Roundup for more information: