Stirling’s research papers for Scottish Climate Week #ScotClimateWeek

To mark Scottish Climate Week we’ve compiled a list of the climate related publications from the University of Stirling research repository: STORRE.


It’s great to see the broad range of work from across the University: from papers about governance dimensions of climate and energy security to managing climate change in conservation practice to carbon dependency and narratives of transition to a thesis on modelling climate change in Scotland upto 2100 to the disaster caused by climate change in Scotland in the Long Fourteenth Century! Take your pick!


Consistent limitation of growth by high temperature and low precipitation from range core to southern edge of European beech indicates widespread vulnerability to changing climate (Forthcoming/Available Online). Hacket-Pain, Andrew J; Cavin, Liam; Friend, Andrew D; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


A Glimpse into the Future of the Climate Regime: Lessons from the REDD+ Architecture. Savaresi, Annalisa. (Journal Article).


Energy and Climate Policy: Synergies, Conflicts, and Co-Benefits. Stephan, Hannes. (Book Chapter).


Palaeoenvironmental change in southern Patagonia during the Lateglacial and Holocene: implications for forest refugia and climate reconstructions. Mansilla, Claudia; McCulloch, Robert; Morello, Flavia. (Journal Article).


Climate challenges, vulnerabilities and food security. Nelson, Margaret C; Ingram, Scott E; Dugmore, Andrew J; Streeter, Richard; Peeples, Matthew A; McGovern, Thomas H; Hegmon, Michelle; Arneborg, Jette; Kintigh, Keith W; Brewington, Seth; Spielmann, Katherine A; Simpson, Ian; Strawhacker, Colleen; Comeau, Laura E L; Torvinen, Andrea. (Journal Article).


Protein futures for Western Europe: potential land use and climate impacts in 2050. Roos, Elin; Bajzelj, Bojana; Smith, Pete; Patel, Mikaela; Little, David Colin; Garnett, Tara. (Journal Article).


Negotiating By Own Standards? The Use and Validity of Human Rights Norms in UN Climate Negotiations (Forthcoming/Available Online). Wallbott, Linda; Schapper, Andrea. (Journal Article).


Climate change, carbon dependency and narratives of transition and stasis in four English rural communities. Phillips, Martin; Dickie, Jennifer. (Journal Article).


Beyond species distribution modelling: A landscape genetics approach to investigating range shifts under future climate change. Razgour, Orly. (Journal Article).


Extinction of an introduced warm-climate alien species, Xenopus laevis, by extreme weather events. Tinsley, Richard C; Stott, Lucy C; Viney, Mark; Mabel, Barbara; Tinsley, M C. (Journal Article).


The use of remote sensing and GIS for modelling aquaculture site suitability in relation to changing climate. Handisyde, Neil. (Thesis).


Climatic Stress during Stand Development Alters the Sign and Magnitude of Age-Related Growth Responses in a Subtropical Mountain Pine. Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Madrigal-Gonzalez, Jaime; Young, Sarah; Mercatoris, Pierre; Cavin, Liam; Huang, Tsurng-Juhn; Chen, Jan-Chang; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Palaeoenvironmental changes in southern Patagonia during the Late-glacial and the Holocene: implications for forest establishment and climate reconstructions. Mansilla, Claudia A. (Thesis).


Environmental Management, Climate Change, CSR, and Governance in Clusters of Small Firms in Developing Countries Toward an Integrated Analytical Framework (Forthcoming/Available Online). Puppim, de Oliveira Jose A; Chiappetta, Jabbour Charbel Jose. (Journal Article).


Chimpanzee population structure in Cameroon and Nigeria is associated with habitat variation that may be lost under climate change. Sesink-Clee, Paul R; Abwe, Ekwoge E; Ambahe, Ruffin; Anthony, Nicola M; Fotso, Roger; Locatelli, Sabrina; Maisels, Fiona; Mitchell, Matthew W; Morgan, Bethan Jane; Pokempner, Amy; Gonder, Mary Katherine. (Journal Article).


‘The Worst Disaster Suffered by the People of Scotland in Recorded History’: Climate Change, Dearth and Pathogens in the Long Fourteenth Century. Oram, Richard. (Journal Article).


Managing climate change in conservation practice: an exploration of the science-management interface in beech forest management. de, Koning Jessica; Turnhout, Esther; Winkel, Georg; Blondet, Marieke; Borras, Lars; Ferranti, Francesca; Geitzenauer, Maria; Sotirov, Metodi; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Stand structure and recent climate change constrain stand basal area change in European forests: a comparison across boreal, temperate, and Mediterranean biomes. Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Madrigal-Gonzalez, Jaime; Ratcliffe, Sophia; Coomes, David A; Kändler, Gerald; Lehtonen, Aleksi; Wirth, Christian; Zavala, Miguel A. (Journal Article).


Larger investment in roots in southern range-edge populations of Scots pine is associated with increased growth and seedling resistance to extreme drought in response to simulated climate change. Matias, Luis; Gonzalez, Diaz Patricia; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Contrasting effects of climate change along life stages of a dominant tree species: the importance of soil–climate interactions. Ibanez, Beatriz; Ibanez, Ines; Gomez-Aparicio, Lorena; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Garcia, Luis V; Maranon, Teodoro. (Journal Article).


Valuing the Vernacular: Scotland’s earth-built heritage and the impacts of climate change. Parkin, Simon J. (Thesis).


Impacts of predicted climate change on recruitment at the geographical limits of Scots pine. Matias, Luis; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Introduction: Human rights and climate change: mapping institutional inter-linkages. Schapper, Andrea; Lederer, Markus. (Journal Article).


Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Climate, Weather and the Rise of the Lordship of the Isles. Oram, Richard. (Book Chapter).


The shaping of genetic variation in edge-of-range populations under past and future climate change (Letter). Razgour, Orly; Juste, Javier; Ibanez, Carlos; Kiefer, Andreas; Rebelo, Hugo; Puechmaille, Sebastien J; Arlettaz, Raphael; Burke, Terry; Dawson, Deborah A; Beaumont, Mark A; Jones, Gareth. (Journal Article).


Climatic and cultural changes in the west Congo Basin forests over the past 5000 years. Oslisly, Richard; White, Lee; Bentaleb, Ilham; Favier, Charly; Fontugne, Michel; Gillet, Jean-Francois; Sebag, David. (Journal Article).


Evidence of current impact of climate change on life: A walk from genes to the biosphere. Penuelas, Josep; Sardans, Jordi; Estiarte, Marc; Ogaya, Roma; Carnicer, Jofre; Coll, Marta; Barbeta, Adria; Rivas-Ubach, Albert; Llusia, Joan; Garbulsky, Martin; Filella, Iolanda; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Governance Dimensions of Climate and Energy Security. Vogler, John; Stephan, Hannes. (Book Chapter).


Climate Change Mitigation and OPEC Economies. Dike, Jude C. (Thesis).


Global Climate Governance and Energy Choices. Zelli, Fariborz; Pattberg, Philipp; Stephan, Hannes; van, Asselt Harro. (Book Chapter).


The effects of climate variability and the color of weather time series on agricultural diseases and pests, and on decisions for their management. Garrett, Karen A; Dobson, Andrew; Kroschel, Jurgen; Natarajan, Bala; Orlandini, Simone; Tonnang, Henri E Z; Valdivia, Corinne. (Journal Article).


Patterns and drivers of tree Mortality in Iberian Forests: climatic effects are modified by competition. Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Lines, Emily R; Gomez-Aparicio, Lorena; Zavala, Miguel A; Coomes, David A. (Journal Article).


Spatial and temporal patterns in the climate-growth relationships of Fagus sylvatica across Western Europe, and the effects on competition in mixed species forest. Cavin, Liam. (Thesis).


Crab culture potential in southwestern Bangladesh: alternative to shrimp culture for climate change adaption. Salam, M Abdus; Islam, S M M; Gan, Jianbang; Ross, Lindsay. (Journal Article).


Review of climate change impacts on marine aquaculture in the UK and Ireland. Callaway, Ruth; Shinn, Andrew; Grenfell, Suzanne E; Bron, James; Burnell, Gavin; Cook, Elizabeth E; Crumlish, Margaret; Culloty, Sarah; Davidson, Keith; Ellis, Robert P; Flynn, Kevin J; Fox, Clive; Green, Darren; Hays, Graeme C; Hughes, Adam D; Johnston, Erin; Lowe, Christopher D; Lupatsch, Ingrid; Malham, Shelagh K; Mendzil, Anouska F; Nickell, Thom; Pickerell, Tom; Rowley, Andrew F; Stanley, Michele S; Tocher, Douglas R; Turnbull, James; Webb, Gemma; Wootton, Emma; Shields, Robin J. (Journal Article).


Effect of Simulated Climate Change on Soil Respiration in a Mediterranean-Type Ecosystem: Rainfall and Habitat Type are More Important than Temperature or the Soil Carbon Pool. Matias, Luis; Castro, Jorge; Zamora, Regino. (Journal Article).


Moments of crisis: climate change in Scottish prehistory. Tipping, Richard; Bradley, Richard; Sanders, Jeff; McCulloch, Robert; Wilson, Robert. (Journal Article).


Climate relicts: past, present, future. Hamp, Arndt; Jump, Alistair. (Journal Article).


Modelling the effects of recent changes in climate, host density and acaricide treatments on population dynamics of Ixodes ricinus in the UK. Dobson, Andrew; Randolph, Sarah E. (Journal Article).


Disentangling the relative importance of climate, size and competition on tree growth in Iberian forests: Implications for forest management under global change. Gomez-Aparicio, Lorena; Garcia-Valdes, Raul; Ruiz-Benito, Paloma; Zavala, Miguel A. (Journal Article).


Repercussions of Simulated Climate Change on the Diversity of Woody-Recruit Bank in a Mediterranean-type Ecosystem. Matias, Luis; Zamora, Regino; Castro, Jorge. (Journal Article).


International Climate Policy after Copenhagen: Towards a ‘Building Blocks’ Approach. Falkner, Robert; Stephan, Hannes; Vogler, John. (Journal Article).


Monitoring and managing responses to climate change at the retreating range edge of forest trees. Jump, Alistair; Cavin, Liam; Hunter, Peter. (Journal Article).


Ecological Dynamics Across the Arctic Associated with Recent Climate Change. Post, Eric; Forchhammer, Mads C; Bret-Harte, M Syndonia; Callaghan, Terry V; Christensen, Torben R; Elberling, Bo; Fox, Anthony D; Gilg, Olivier; Hik, David S; Hoye, Toke T; Ims, Rolf A; Jeppesen, Erik; Klein, David R; Madsen, Jesper; McGuire, A David; Rysgaard, Soren; Schindler, Daniel E; Stirling, Ian; Tamstorf, Mikkel P; Tyler, Nicholas J C; van, der Wal Rene; Wookey, Philip; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Aastrup, Peter. (Journal Article).


Vertical stratification of testate amoebae in the Elatia Mires, northern Greece: Palaeoecological evidence for a wetland response to recent climatic change, or autogenic processes. Payne, Richard; Pates, Jacqueline M. (Journal Article).


The Role of Uncertainty and Learning for the Success of International Climate Agreements. Finus, Michael; Pintassilgo, Pedro. Working or Discussion Paper.


Uncertainty and Climate Treaties: Does Ignorance Pay. Dellink, Rob; Finus, Michael. Working or Discussion Paper.


Climate change and sustainable futures. Ball, Robert. (Journal Article).


Simulating a Sequential Coalition Formation Process for the Climate Change Problem: First Come, but Second Served. Finus, Michael; Rundshagen, Bianca; Eyckmans, Johan. Working or Discussion Paper.


The Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics at the Scandinavian Mountain Birch Forest–Tundra Heath Ecoto. Sjogersten, Sofie; Wookey, Philip. (Journal Article).


Response to late Bronze Age climate change of farming communities in north east Scotland. Tipping, Richard; Davies, Althea; McCulloch, Robert; Tisdall, Eileen. (Journal Article).


Coalition Formation and the Ancillary Benefits of Climate Policy. Finus, Michael; Rubbelke, Dirk T G. Working or Discussion Paper.


Prehistoric Pinus woodland dynamics in an upland landscape in northern Scotland: the roles of climate change and human impact. Tipping, Richard; Ashmore, Patrick; Davies, Althea; Haggart, B Andrew; Moir, Andrew; Newton, Anthony; Sands, Robert; Skinner, Theo; Tisdall, Eileen. (Journal Article).


The Stability Likelihood of an International Climate Agreement. Dellink, Rob; Finus, Michael; Olieman, Niels. (Journal Article).


Simulated climate change provokes rapid genetic change in the Mediterranean shrub Fumana thymifolia. Jump, Alistair; Penuelas, Josep; Rico, Laura; Ramallo, Elisenda; Estiarte, Marc; Martinez-Izquierdo, Jose A; Lloret, Francisco. (Journal Article).


Do Abatement Quotas Lead to More Successful Climate Coalitions? Altamirano-Cabrera, Juan-Carlos; Finus, Michael; Dellink, Rob. (Journal Article).


Climate Change in Pictish Scotland: Changing Views on Scale, Frequency, Intensity and the Human Context. Tipping, Richard. (Journal Article).


Climate relationships of growth and establishment across the altitudinal range of Fagus sylvatica in the Montseny Mountains, northeast Spain. Jump, Alistair; Hunt, Jenny M; Penuelas, Josep. (Journal Article).


Climate change and biodiversity in the Arctic—Nordic perspectives. Wookey, Philip. (Journal Article).


Testing the impact of climate variability on European plant diversity: 320 000 years of water-energy dynamics and its long-term influence on plant taxonomic richness. Willis, Katherine J; Kleczkowski, Adam; New, Mark; Whittaker, Robert J. (Journal Article).


Peat, pine stumps and people: interactions behind climate, vegetation change and human activity in wetland archaeology at Loch Farlary, northern Scotland. Tipping, Richard; Ashmore, Patrick; Davies, Althea; Haggart, B Andrew; Moir, Andrew; Newton, Anthony; Sands, Robert; Skinner, Theo; Tisdall, Eileen. Conference Paper.


Landscapes of Settlement in Northern Iceland: Historical Ecology of Human Impact and Climate Fluctuation on the Millennial Scale. McGovern, Thomas H; Vésteinsson, Orr; Fri?riksson, Adol; Church, Mike J; Lawson, Ian; Simpson, Ian; Einarsson, Arni; Dugmore, Andrew J; Cook, Gordon; Perdikaris, Sophia; Edwards, Kevin J; Thomson, Amanda M; Adderley, W Paul; Newton, Anthony; Lucas, Gavin; Edvardsson, Ragnar; Aldred, Oscar; Dunbar, Elaine. (Journal Article).


Soils and palaeo-climate based evidence for irrigation requirements in Norse Greenland. Adderley, W Paul; Simpson, Ian. (Journal Article).


Rapid climate change-related growth decline at the southern range edge of Fagus sylvatica. Jump, Alistair; Hunt, Jenny M; Penuelas, Josep. (Journal Article).


Natural selection and climate change: temperature-linked spatial and temporal trends in gene frequency in Fagus sylvatica. Jump, Alistair; Hunt, Jenny M; Martinez-Izquierdo, Jose A; Penuelas, Josep. (Journal Article).


Predicting calyptrate fly populations from the weather, and probable consequences of climate change. Goulson, Dave; Derwent, Lara C; Hanley, Michael E; Dunn, Derek W; Abolins, Steven R. (Journal Article).


Running to stand still: adaptation and the response of plants to rapid climate change. Jump, Alistair; Penuelas, Josep. (Journal Article).


Late-glacial glacier events in southernmost South America: A blend of ‘northern’and ‘southern’ hemispheric climatic signals. Sugden, David E; Bentley, Michael J; Fogwill, Chris; Hulton, Nicholas R J; McCulloch, Robert; Purves, Ross. (Journal Article).


Effects of climate on intra- and interspecific size variation in bumble-bees. Peat, James; Darvill, Ben; Ellis, Jonathan; Goulson, Dave. (Journal Article).


Modelling climate change and socio-economic impacts within three regions of Scotland, 1970-2100. Parnell, Alan Kenneth. (Thesis).


Data on mid-Holocene climatic, vegetation and anthropogenic interactions at Stanshiel Rig, southern Scotland. Cayless, Sandi; Tipping, Richard. (Journal Article).


Uniparental incubation in a cool climate : behavioural adaptations in the Eurasian dotterel. Holt, S. (Sue E.). (Thesis).


Reply: Climatic inferences from glacial and palaeoecological evidence at the last glacial termination, southern South America (Letter). McCulloch, Robert; Sugden, David E. (Journal Article).


Climatic inferences from glacial and palaeoecological evidence at the last glacial termination, southern South America. McCulloch, Robert; Bentley, Michael J; Purves, Ross S; Hulton, Nicholas R J; Sugden, David E; Clapperton, Chalmers M. (Journal Article).


Holocene climate change in Glen Affric, Northern Scotland : a multi-proxy approach. Tisdall, Eileen. (Thesis).


Climatic influences on the behavioural ecology of Chanter’s mountain reedbuck in Kenya. Roberts, S Craig; Dunbar, Robin I M. (Journal Article).






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