Web of Science: Cited Reference and Advanced searching now available within All Databases

The Web of Science platform was updated at the weekend: Cited Reference searching and Advanced searching are now available within All Databases.



Cited Reference searching – All Databases


A Cited Reference search allows you to find the articles that cited an article of interest. This is a very useful way to search – allowing you to track mentions of a piece of research since it was published.


The All Database Cited Reference Search now allows you to locate all citing articles across all our subscribed citation indexes on the Web of Science platform, including: Web of Science Core Collection, BIOSIS Citation Index, Data Citation Index and SciELO Citation Index.


Previously, to find all the citing articles within Web of Science you needed to individually search each citation database.  Now you can run one Cited Reference search across All Databases to find all the citing articles.



To carry out a Cited Reference Search on All Databases:


  • Login to the Portal and choose the Resources tab, then  A-Z List of Online Resources.
  • Choose “W” then “Web of Science – All Databases” from the list.
  • Choose the down arrow next to Basic Search (above the Search box) and select Cited Reference Search.


  • First enter the details of your article of interest:
    • Enter the author’s name in the Cited Author box in the form: lastname first initial. For example: baekert m*  (Add the asterisk truncation symbol * if you don’t know all of the author’s initials).
    • Then enter the year that the article was published in the Cited year(s) box: e.g. 2012.
    • It is probably best to leave the Cited Work box empty as authors are sometimes inconsistent in their citations.
  • Click on the Search button.


  • On the next screen you will see a list of potential matching references. Select the check box(es) next to your reference of interest. (Note you may need to tick more than one checkbox due to inconsistencies in the way your article of interest has been cited).
  • Then click on the Finish Search button.
  • The next screen will display a list of all the articles that cite your selected reference.


See the video below that shows a Cited Reference search.



Advanced searching – All Databases


You can now carry out Advanced searching across All Databases using the 10 field tags that are uniform through all the databases in Web of Science.


To carry out an Advanced search on All Databases:

  • On the All Databases search page, choose the down arrow next to Basic Search (above the Search box) and select Advanced Search.




Clare Allan

Subject Librarian