Disruption to network services in Cottrell building, Friday 19 December

Information Services has received notification from Estates & Campus Services that electrical testing work will be undertaken in the Cottrell building on Friday evening from 20:00. During the testing, there will be a loss of power to network equipment located along the B corridor causing an interruption to network services including the following:


  • Wired network – PCs (access to web, e-mail, filestore, etc.), managed print system MFDs, etc.
  • Wireless network – eduroam, Uos Guest Internet, etc.
  • IP phone (Mitel) handsets


The locations where the above services are expected to be interrupted include rooms on B corridor between V and Y intersections (levels 2, 3 and 4) and also rooms on the W, X and Y corridors (levels 2, 3 and 4).


Following an incident at one of the residences where network equipment ceased to operate correctly following electrical testing work, it is possible that if a similar failure occurs during this testing that some or all of the services listed above may remain unavailable until the affected network equipment can be checked and, if necessary, replaced by Information Services staff on Monday morning.


Often, when there are power outages affecting network equipment, the loss of network services can extend beyond the rooms where the power is obviously off because the lights are out. Information Services always endeavours to keep users informed about the areas that will be affected by pre-planned and notified power works.


If we receive further information from Estates & Campus Services about the timing or likely duration of disruption we’ll update the blog post on the IS website and send out a tweet via #isstirling


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