New Referencing Style – Harvard Stirling University

A new referencing style called Harvard Stirling University (HSU) has been developed for use with RefWorks.  Find out more about HSU at:


HSU takes into account feedback received about the other Harvard styles in RefWorks (e.g. some people wanted the date in round brackets and they did not like the author name in upper case). A greater number of reference types are defined in HSU to cope different formats e.g. clinical guidelines, web documents, DVDs, bolgs, twitter etc.


Important note: Some (but not all) Schools recommend HSU for undergraduate and/or taught postgraduate student work.  Students must check their module handbooks or ask the module tutor for guidance on which referencing style they should use for each module.  Staff and research students may choose to use HSU unless an alternative style has been agreed with their School, supervisor, publisher etc.


For help using HSU see the list of HSU Examples and the accompanying HSU General Principles and Guidance documents at or contact