New Wi-Fi service COMING SOON

You may be aware that the University has been undertaking a massive project of Wi-Fi expansion over the summer. This new service will provide a means of connecting your devices (Laptops and Mac Books, smartphones, tablets and even gaming consoles) to the university network to gain internet access.



The new Wi-Fi service is due to go live by Friday 12th September.


There will be a simple setup process which you will need to undertake ONCE only for each of your mobile devices in order to register them on the Wi-Fi network. Once the initial registration is done, your device will thereafter connect automatically to the network.


We aim to provide 100% Wi-Fi coverage within university buildings so you will be able to use your device in classes, lecture theatres, study bedrooms, the Library and so on.


When the new service goes live we will be offering support to all staff and students to get connected and there will be self-help materials on our website. At this point, CampusNet will be switched off for on campus connections. We will circulate information about the arrangements next week.


The new service replaces CampusNet on Stirling campus. There is no change to off campus access to the network, so if you are already set up for working from home using CampusNet, you do not need to do anything. Wi-Fi services for residences at Highland campus are also being developed and further information will be circulated as this proceeds.


Information Centre

Stirling University Library

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