Legacy RefWorks retires in 2023 – upgrade to new RefWorks asap!

Currently there are two versions of RefWorks. The older version (now referred to as legacy RefWorks) will be retired in 2023 and we ask you to upgrade to the new version by the end of 2022.

If your RefWorks login takes you to https://refworks.proquest.com/ you are already using the latest version of RefWorks and no further action is needed. All other RefWorks users should check the ‘Important considerations before you upgrade from Legacy to New RefWorks’ and follow the guidance on upgrading.

It is possible to upgrade documents created with legacy RefWorks and Write-N-Cite but if possible we recommend you delay a little until:

  • You have completed any work for a close deadline.
  • You have completed any Word documents linked to legacy RefWorks using Write-N-Cite.

Consult your Academic Liaison Librarian for guidance if you are working on a thesis, dissertation or other large piece of work into 2023.

You will find help, guides and videos about using new RefWorks and the associated new add-in for Word called RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) at https://libguides.stir.ac.uk/newrefworks or contact the Library if you need help or have questions.