SCONUL Access: free access to other university libraries

The Library is participating in a scheme called SCONUL Access, which allows students and university staff to access other university libraries. Staff, postgraduates and part time students can borrow print books from participating libraries, whilst full time undergraduates can use these libraries for reference. The scheme was closed for many months due to COVID restrictions but is now up and running again.

How to get access

Apply online at . Your application will be processed by Stirling University Library. If approved, you will receive an email with details on how to access participating libraries.

Are all university libraries participating?

Not all university libraries are participating in the scheme, so check the SCONUL Access website for the list of libraries you can use.

Previous SCONUL Access users

If you have used the SCONUL Access scheme in the past and your approval has expired, you will need to reapply.

Access to resources for dissertation students and researchers

Access to the print resources of other libraries is a big advantage for dissertation students and researchers. To find out what is available at other university libraries, search JISC Library Hub Discover ( This is a combined catalogue of the biggest research libraries in Britain and Ireland. Many of the libraries participating in SCONUL Access are included here.

For further information on SCONUL Access see