Safely saving your academic work

Whether you are working on an assignment or on your dissertation or any documents from Office365. We recommend saving all of your work in OneDrive.

This is especially important as we are getting into the period of the year when many students are writing dissertations.

Access OneDrive from all of your devices “Anywhere access” – Enjoy the freedom to access, edit, and share your files on all your devices, wherever you are.

OneDrive is backed up. If you lose your device or your device has a hardware problem, you won’t lose your files when they’re saved in OneDrive.

Use OneDrive to share and collaborate; stay connected, share your documents, and collaborate in real-time with Office apps.

The easiest way to make sure that your work is saved in OneDrive is to create your documents there. You can log on to Office365 from a link on the left-hand side of your portal or you can navigate directly on your browser to

Click on the link to access your OneDrive.

Click new and this will allow you to create a new folder, new Word document, new PowerPoint, or new Excel workbook.

The benefit of doing this is that your work will be autosaved and you will be able to access, update share your work from OneDrive from any device.

You can install Office365 on your personal devices from, you can access Office apps on your mobile devices by installing each app from your devices app store.

We have a OneDrive help page on the IS site and the OneDrive Help Centre is an excellent source for ‘how do I’ type questions.