University Mac/Apple Device Owners – Action Needed

The University is committed to achieving certification in Cyber Essentials to comply with the Scottish governments Cyber Resilience framework. The recent expansion of our scope for Cyber Essentials from a small selection of windows-based PCs to encompass all our devices, means that we may not be able to achieve this without plans to manage Macs and Apple mobile devices owned by the University.

We have a list of known Mac or Apple device owners throughout the University; however, we appreciate there may be employees in the business who are operating on a Mac/Apple device unknown to IS and therefore we cannot enrol these devices successfully.

If you currently own a Mac or Apple based devices that was purchased by the University for business use, please complete the ‘Mac Device Enrolment’ form which is available through the UniDesk here: Self-Service Portal – Mac Device Enrolment (

This form requires you to confirm your department/area, the device serial number, and the operating version you are working on. Instructions on how to find this detail can be located here

Timeline for Completing the Form 

We require the form to completed for: 

  • Friday 3rd December 2021 

Once your device has successfully been enrolled, this will enable the University to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep staff operating safely and securely. Should anything happen to an employee’s Mac or Apple device, we will be able to recover and shut down the device altogether, and/or remotely.

Should you have any questions, please contact Eve Whitelaw within the PMO team.