Teaching room tech refresher

This session is for people who have never taught on campus, or for people who need a refresher course after working from home for such a long time. 

Teaching room tech refresher.

This session covers the basics of using the technology in our teaching spaces.  After watching our short video if you feel like you would like a refresher course please book one of our sessions. 

This session will cover 

  • How to turn on the projector or main display. 
  • How to switch between inputs. 
  • How to connect a laptop. 
  • How to use the visualiser to display documents. 
  • How to use the presenters touch screen. 
  • Where to connect USB pens. 

Please be aware that this session does not replace the Classroom technology for hybrid teaching sessions and will not cover the hybrid teaching content. 

Tuesday 17 August 11:30 – 12:302B87
Friday 20 August 11:30 – 12:302B87
Wednesday 25 August 11:30 -12:302B87

Further times and dates to follow 

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