ReadingLists for Autumn 2021

You can now create a new reading list or ‘roll over’ a previous list by clicking on the ‘Reading List’ option in your Autumn 2021 Canvas module.

The reading list system allows you to add items from LibrarySearch, upload a PDF file, or download the ‘Cite it’ widget to your browser to add content from Web sites (e.g. if we don’t have the book you want in stock add it from Amazon and tag it with ‘Purchase Request’). You can tag, annotate and prioritise citations, add notes, set deadlines for reading, use time-release to make citations or sections available later and engage students in discussion about the readings.

Once you have rolled over your list and are happy with your changes (even if you decide not to make any), click the Library Review button to send it to the Library to be checked further (copyright, stock availability, digitization etc.) and Publish so that it is visible to your students.

See further guidance on the Reading Lists SharePoint site or Mini Guide to creating Reading Lists, but we hope you will find the system intuitive and easy to use. Please contact the Library if you have questions or would like more help.

The deadline for Autumn Reading lists is Friday 13th of August.

11 thoughts to “ReadingLists for Autumn 2021”

  1. Thank you. I have migrated my reading list from AY 2020-2 to AY2021-2022 as outlined above. Please can you advise me where I can locate the ‘Library review’ button so I can advise the library that the list needs to be checked. Kind regards.

    1. Hi John, I have logged a call to the library staff about this and they will get back to you via email. The reference number is I210802-0403

      Hope you are well.


  2. Hi, I cannot locate the ‘new list’ option in the canvas embedded software. I could opt to roll over last years list but do not want to do that as my module code has changed (SPSU915 in Autumn 2020 is now SPSU9EP for Autumn 2021). Please can you let me know where the create new list function is located. Regards, Stuart.

    1. Hi Stuart, I have logged a call to our team, the reference number in our system is I210803-0231. They will get in touch with you via your University email address.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hello, is it just UG reading lists to be published on August 13th, or UG and TPG?

    1. Hi Frances, I have logged a call to my colleagues I210804-0121 they will reply to you by email.


  4. Hello, I have ‘rolled over’ modules SPSP041 and SPSP010 PGT reading lists from their Spring 2021 counterparts, but it does not give me the option to roll it over to their new Autumn 2021 counterparts (because I believe Autumn 2021 versions of these modules have not yet been created on Canvas!). I have ‘rolled over’ the old lists and labelled them as 2021/22 and sent to the library for review – but they are currently still housed within their old Spring 2021 Canvas modules. Can you please advise if this will successfully carry over to the new Autumn 2021 SPSP041 and SPSP010 modules (when they are created), and/or if there is any further action required on my part. Thank you, Chris

  5. Hello,

    I am trying to roll over the reading list from SPSU911 last year on to the new canvas site for this year. The module code has changed though from SPSU911 to SPSU711. The terms used in the instructions above do not seem to fit what is showing on my screen but I believe I may have been able to “save” the list from SPSU911 on to the SPSU711 site. There is, however, no “review” button for me to use to send the list to the library. There is also no “publish” button.

    Could someone please help with this?



  6. hello,
    I rolled over the reading lists for my modules (FINU9QE and the FINU9F3/FINU9CF) last month without any issues at the time. However, today it was brought to my attention that for the FINU9QE module on Canvas students (and me also) can’t view or access the reading list (logging in is needed but my credentials do not work). I also checked the FINU9F3/FINU9CF reading list on Canvas to be sure and although no credentials are required the reading list appears to be difficult to navigate through especially for the students. I don’t know what happened as everything was in order few weeks ago. Can you please help me?

    Thank you

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