Stirling joins Taylor & Francis Agreement: free Open Access Publishing

*** UPDATE TO POST BELOW 10th June 2021 ***

Upon clarification of the terms from Taylor and Francis, we have now been able to lift our restriction below that the Agreement will only cover articles that have external funding. The Agreement can now be used for any research article with a Stirling corresponding author that is to be published in Taylor & Francis ‘Open Select’ journals.


Stirling has joined the three year Taylor & Francis ”Transitional” Agreement negotiated by JISC.

This means Stirling authors will have free open access publishing for articles funded by UKRI or Wellcome, or any funder with Open Access requirements that cannot be met solely by deposit in our Open Access repository STORRE.

Taylor & Francis is the largest humanities and social sciences publisher and publishes 9% of all UK research. The Agreement applies to research articles that will be published in their “Open Select” journals; covering more than 2,200 titles in Social Sciences & Humanities, Science & Technology, and Medicine Collections.

Open access publication is free at the point of publication to the corresponding author – the costs have already been covered by the subscription fee paid by the Library.

When publishing via this Agreement, select the CC-BY licence option and make sure to include the Funder of your article to ensure its covered.

There is no need to apply to Stirling’s APC Fund or inform the Library when publishing in these journals as the corresponding author.

The Agreement runs until 31st December 2023.

The University is a member of a number of publisher agreements supporting the move to greater open access for our research, in cost efficient ways – see our Publisher Memberships and Transformative Arrangements page.

Clare Allan
Senior Research Librarian