Meet our new intuitive ReadingLists system.

This summer sees the introduction of a new flexible and intuitive ReadingLists system enabling teaching staff to easily prepare, manage and share module reading lists. 

The system is integrated with Canvas and a new Library management system to give immediate access to library resources, request material not in stock and reduce the need for emailing Word lists and the resulting bottlenecks and delays at key points in the academic calendar. 

Library staff will review the lists and ensure content not in stock is made available or chapters and articles are digitised under the University’s CLA Digitisation Licence. We will also provide support and guidance materials for using of the new system.  

What support will be available? 

A SharePoint site with guidance materials is being produced and library staff will be on hand to give support and answer questions. (Details to follow)

Will existing lists remain available or will they need to be created from scratch?  

We will migrate existing lists from our old system (Aspire) and make them available in the new one, so lists from last few years will be accessible for re-use. 

Can I add content after the list goes ‘live’? 

Absolutely, you can add, amend or remove content at any time.  

What’s next? 

A number of staff have been engaged in testing the new system, we will look to run workshops for staff as access to the system becomes available in June. The system itself will be fully available from the end of June.  

Summer 2021 semester lists (already running) will remain available on the old system over the summer. The new system will be deployed on Autumn 2021 semester lists.  

The system will take a while to bed in, and any concerns or suggestions can be raised with library staff at any time.  

For any questions or advice please email