Scan to OneDrive is coming

We will soon be implementing a new feature on all University printers (also called Multi-Functional Devices or ‘MFDs’) which will allow you to scan documents and upload them directly to your OneDrive storage in the Office 365 cloud.  

The documents will be easily accessible from a folder in OneDrive which can be viewed online or automatically synced to your desktop and mobile devices for increased productivity. You will also reap the benefits of much-improved security features which will help protect any information you scan from being intercepted. 

Once we have enabled this feature, you will need to go through a quick setup process after scanning your first document on a printer/MFD. Please see guidance on how to set up scan to OneDrive here: 

We will be phasing out the option to scan to email in the coming months as we move towards more secure methods of handling data. We will announce further information through the IS News blog and the Portal.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Information Centre on