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New Office 365 releases: Dial in to Teams meetings, PowerBI, MyAnalytics & more

It seems, just now, as if every week brings a new raft of releases from Microsoft. We’re already waiting for the new 3×3 video layout in Teams, so what’s next?

Additional MS Teams functionality:

Dial in to Teams meetings. People on phones can dial into a Teams meeting. When audio conferencing is switched on for you (see next section), a dial in number will be added underneath the link to join the meeting. Dialling in to a Teams meeting is the same as making a phone call so you will be charged accordingly.

Dial out from Teams. Make phone calls from a Teams meeting. Do this via Teams > Calendar > Meet now > invite the phone number you want to ring.

How will I know if I have access to Teams audio conferencing?

You will receive an email from Microsoft Audio Conferencing (see image below). Keep this email as it includes your PIN for joining a meeting you’ve organised by phone and retaining ‘organiser’ level access. By entering your PIN on joining the call, you are given the same access permissions to the meeting (organiser) as you would have had in the online call.

Other Microsoft Services you may not be aware we have access to:

  • Power BI will soon be part of our O365 license. Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics service. It aids in analysis of data and creation of data visualisations.
  • Minecraft for education. Access on the web. Includes code builder.
  • My Analytics – “Welcome to your new personalized MyAnalytics dashboard that gives you valuable new insights into how to increase focus, achieve work-life balance, and improve your work relationships and team collaboration.” Read more.
    • Insights outlook add-in – read more. Analytics built into Outlook including weekly focus emails to help you be more productive at work, build in focus time, remind you of tasks you mentioned in emails.

Coming soon…

We will be building UniDesk items on the audio conferencing functionality in Teams and the MyAnalytics service.